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Post  BreezeElric on Sun Dec 16, 2012 11:39 pm

(Sorry about the lateness of this round! I know the video was supposed to be up a week ago. I apologize.)

I don't understand this round. Could you explain it further?
-Your video has to relate to your god or goddess in whatever way you want. For example, if you have Poseidon, you could make a video that has an aquatic theme. Maybe you'll want to base your video around a character that "rules the seas," like one of the main boys from Tsuritama. Maybe the song you'll use says something about Poseidon in it. Or maybe you'll just be really abstract and say that Poseidon was the son of Cronus who happens to share his name with a Homestuck troll, so you're going to edit with Homestuck. If you can explain how you related your video to Poseidon, you can edit whatever you want. If you still don't understand or have a question, ask in the comments.

What are the rules for this round?
- Your video must be a certain length. If your team is composed of two members, then you have to have at least one minute (30 seconds per person). If your team is composed of three members, your video has to be at least one minute and 30 seconds (again, 30 seconds per person). Your video can be longer than that, however it's cannot be shorter.
- The amount that each person contributes to the collab can be slightly different. (For example, one person can do 40 seconds and someone else can do 30.) Every member has to edit at least 30 seconds though.
- You can cut your song, and it can be cut into as many parts as you want. As long as it averages out to be at least 30 seconds per team member, it's perfect.
- You can use any song.
- You can add an intro and/or outro; however this does not count towards the thirty seconds each member has to contribute.
- You can use any footage.
- At this point, changing team members is not allowed. If you wish to change your team name, however, that is fine.
- If one team member doesn't finish before the deadline, the whole team is disqualified.

How do I submit my entry?
-Post it as a video response to the round video.

Can I see who I'm up against?
-Yes. You can find the team list here. (The forum hasn't been updated yet, so please wait a few moments.)

When does the entry have to be finished by?
-January 14, 2013. Entries submitted after that will not be counted.

Anything else?
-Two teams will end up being eliminated from each category.
-Please put your team name and/or your category either in the video title or the description. It makes it easier on the judges.
-You don't have to label who does what part. You can if you want, but it's not necessary.

I still have questions.
Please ask your questions in the comments or send a PM to this account. Any questions not already answered will be added to the description, so don't be afraid to ask! If you have a question, somebody else is bound to have the same question.

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